Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise and represent going concerns where issues relate to aggressive takeovers, mergers and such, other acquisitions and negotiations relating thereto, which need necessary advice; legal framework.

Negotiations of this nature are based on market trends, as well as a corporate concerns projections, risk assessment and appetite; we provide such support and endeavour to minimise our clients risk, saving cost and possible losses in this regard.

Our team is well equipped to see through companys pre-merger, merger and post-merger process. We conduct legal due diligence, which usually comprise analysis of business concern ownership (identifying the directors & shareholders), business profile, employees, intellectual property and technology issues, litigation analysis, corporate searches etc.

We see to the drafting of preliminary documentation such as exclusivity agreements, memoranda of understanding, confidentiality agreement, merger agreements, supervise financial due diligence. Processing merger notification, filing of pre-merger notice, process post approval and post merger. Also, we file necessary documentation and notices for acquisition.

To deliver First-Class Legal and Corporate Services to our local and foreign clients with utmost diligence, in an impeccable manner and adhering to the highest standards: Integrity is our watchword. Jesus is the cenre piece of our practice.

At Gbaja and Partners our sufficency is of the Lord, hence, we: are accountable. Ability to effectively leverage on Technology to enhance client services and display integrity in the discharge of our duties.

Remain professional and service-oriented in our approach. Offer prompt and efficient services. Safeguard the confidentiality of our clientele.