This essential segment of the economy has contributed hugely to the growth of any given society. We render top-notch service across the spectrum of this sector, such as registration of an airline company, registration of aircraft, advice on areas of financing, ensuring compliance with International Civil Aviation Organisation codes, the International Air Transport Association.

We assist in drafting and review of relevant contractual documents relating to acquisitions of aircraft, whether they be single-engine, motorcraft, turbo prop, jet engines or rotor driven aircraft.

We assist clients with procuring licences, certificates, permits, necessary approvals, as well as renewals. If need be assist relevant agencies in the event of an air accident. Represent clients at ICAO, IATA, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

We are recognised for our legal innovation and dedication to our clientele. Our lawyers come from diverse social, cultural, educationa and economic backgrounds.

To deliver First-Class Legal and Corporate Services to our local and foreign clients with utmost diligence, in an impeccable manner and adhering to the highest standards: Integrity is our watchword. Jesus is the cenre piece of our practice.

At Gbaja and Partners our sufficency is of the Lord, hence, we: are accountable. Ability to effectively leverage on Technology to enhance client services and display integrity in the discharge of our duties.

Remain professional and service-oriented in our approach. Offer prompt and efficient services. Safeguard the confidentiality of our clientele.